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Adult Services (AS)

The Adult Services Program assists elderly individuals or other adults who have an impairment and need services or support to enhance self-sufficiency and improve their quality of life. Services offered may include:

  • Home-based services (companion, chore & homemaker services)
  • Adult foster care
  • Adult day care
  • Case management
  • Nutrition
  • Assessments for adults entering or residing in assisted living facilities
  • Screenings for adults entering nursing facilities or who need Medicaid-funded home and community-based waivers

These services are provided by local departments of social services and are designed to help adults remain as independent as possible, preferably in their own home. The goal is to strengthen appropriate family and social supports and reduce the need for institutional placement.

Individuals Who May be Eligible for Services

  • Elderly or impaired, low income adults who may need home-based services
  • Low-income adults who need prescreening for nursing facility placement or Medicaid-funded community-based services
  • Low-income adults who need an assessment for assisted living facility placement
  • Impaired adults who are emancipated from a local department of social services' custody and who need services
  • Adults who need and request services to avoid institutionalization

How to Apply

An application for services is available at your local department of social services. It can be completed by the person seeking services or by someone acting on that person's behalf. The applicant's eligibility for services will be determined based on need, the availability of the services and any financial eligibility requirements that apply.

Right to Appeal Action Related to Home-Based Services (Code of Virginia §51.5-147)

If you have applied for, or are receiving home-based services, and disagree with related action taken by the local department of social services, you can request an appeal. You must request the appeal within thirty days (30) of receiving written notification of the action with which you disagree. For details refer to Chapter 9, Appeals, in the Manuals section below.


Manuals (Adult Foster Care, Adult Services, Assisted Living Assessment, UAI)