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Certified Preschools (CP)

Section 63.2-1717 of the Code of Virginia allows preschool programs operated by private schools that are accredited by a statewide accrediting organization (or another accrediting organization recognized by the Board of Education) to be exempt from licensure.

The State Board of Education recognizes the accreditation process for private schools administered through the Virginia Council for Private Education (VCPE) Commission on Accreditation. Accrediting organizations that are approved by VCPE administer their own accrediting process for schools in their organizations.

In order for preschool and nursery school programs operated by accredited private schools to be certified, certain information must be filed with VDSS before the beginning of the school year or calendar year. That information must be filed annually thereafter. The information includes, but is not limited to, verification of accreditation or accreditation candidacy, a statement of intent, documentation that the parents or guardians of children in care have received written notification that the preschool is exempt from licensure, documentation that the school requires criminal record clearances on all employees of the preschool, a list of staff qualifications and health and fire inspections reports.

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