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Real Stories of Foster & Adoptive Families

Family, belonging, acceptance, love -- The Real Stories of Foster & Adoptive Families is a compilation of the compelling anecdotes from foster families across the state of Virginia. These Virginians share the true stories of how families were started, reunited and strengthened through foster care and adoption. If you or someone you know is willing to share an adoption or foster care story, please email

photo of Barry Farmer's Family

"Seeing how complete strangers could grow to love each other as a family amazes me."

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Family of Meg and David

Meg and David became foster parents in 2014 when they welcomed a brother-sister duo, David, two at the time, and Lexi, who was one years old.

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hands holding a paper cutout of children

"Are we ready to do this?"
This is the question that Cassie Huskey asked her husband, Bart, as they looked at a newspaper advertisement calling for foster parents.

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Photo of Myah Williamson

"Bring her to us."
With just those words, foster mother Bonna Williamson started her lifelong commitment to fostering

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Jenny Thompson Family

It took only four days for Jennifer and Anthony Thompson to realize that their lives would forever be changed

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photo of two women smiling

Divorced, living alone and searching for her next career move, Teresa Carpentieri felt an overwhelming urge to give back to her hometown, Roanoke, Virginia

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shadow of mother and daughter holding hands in a grass field

"Where would I go?" That was the question Symphony Jackson thought to herself when...

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Family sitting together on a stump

"We had our world turned upside down - in the best way possible."

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photo of family sitting together on a couch

Second chances.
Unconditional love and second chances usually go hand-in-hand with parenting...

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Vucic Family

As a child, Wendy Vucic would lay in her bed, close her eyes, and picture how many bunk beds she could fit in her room.

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